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Distributor of Shenzhen Boton Flavors & Fragrances Co. Ltd

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PT BOTON Indonesia is a distributor in Indonesia of Shenzhen Boton Flavors & Fragrances. Co. Ltd. Or know as BOTON. BOTON is wholly owned subsidiary company of China Flavors and Fragrances Co., Ltd. (CFF, 3318. HK) listed in the Hong Kong stock market. Boton is one of the national leading backbone enterprises in Chinese flavor and fragrance industry. Boton is also one of the earliest established enterprises in the research, development and sales of flavors and fragrances in China. Boton manufactures over 2,000 products in three board categories, namely, tobacco flavors, flavors and fragrances. At present, Boton has a plant of 15,000 square meters and research facilities. Boton employs about 400 staffs including more than 100 professional research chemists, flavorists and perfumers. Boton technical center is equipped with the most advanced equipment involved in the research and development of high technological essence and spices, such as tobacco flavors, food flavors, fragrances, natural essence, synthetic essence and bio-technological essence. Boton has collaborated with some of PRC most prestigious institutions on flavors and fragrances including Southern Yangtze University (SYTU), Shanghai Institute of Technology (SIT) and China Agricultural University (CAU). Boton named as one of the top ten Flavors and Fragrances Enterprises in China by the Association of National Petrol Chemical Industries in 2004. Our company has obtained the ISO 9001 certificate
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